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The narrative exploration game The Painscreek Killings is relative new so I gathered many useful tips and hints for the game. As it's sometimes a bit tedious to go through all the posts in the discussions area on Steam this should make life a lot easier for you.

But be aware: this means this post is full of spoilers! You be the judge: what you want to know and how far you want to cheat.

General Hints


Ann's Inn

Bernards House






Sheriff's Office

Hunter's Lodge

Wandas House

Dorothys House

Things you (obviously) cannot do

  • Open the door on the left of the church
  • Enter the post office
  • Enter the Moon Cafe
  • Enter Mary Martinez house
  • Opening the lockers 202, 203, 204 in Ann`s inn
  • Opening the gun lockers in the hunter's lodge
  • Opening the left box in the church
  • Enter the wine cellar in the mansion
  • Enter the guest room and the bathrooms on both floors of the mansion
  • Open any refrigerator
  • Take any knife
  • Opening the second gate in the cemetery
  • You cannot find or open the manhole you see from the sewer


  • Vincent was born on 01.06.1975 @ 08:20 AM
  • Sofia died on 26.06.1975 around 23:00
  • Charles & Vivian anniversary 30.06.1971
  • Date on Scotts wooden airplane 03.05.1985
  • Bernard Hopkins was born on 15.11.1944
  • Derrick Tyler was born on 03.05.1970
  • Wanda Tyler was born on 06.02.1943
  • Andrew Reed was born on 15.11.1942
  • Dorothy Patterson was born on 15.11.1942
  • Mary Martinez was born on 06.03.1973
  • Charles Roberts changed his testament on 21.06.1975 / dated 01.07.1975


  • Andrew Reed 7 Black Pine Rd
  • Bernard Hopkins 31 Silverlake Blvd
  • Dorothy Patterson 40 Blackpine Rd
  • Derrick Tyler 43 Silverlake Blvd
  • Mary Martinez 10 Town Center Dr - but you cannot access it anyway
  • Wanda Tyler 43 Silverlake Blvd

Massive Spoilers

  • Scott is in fact Vincent, Charles and Sofias son that was brought to an orphanage by father Calvin
  • Sofia is Sofia Miller, a maid that Charles had an affair with
  • Sofia and Matthew had a special relationship, as they knew each other from the orphanage and Matthew fell in love with her later and already had purchased a ring for her without her knowledge
  • Sofia has been killed by Andrew, Henry and Vivian near a well on the cemetery belonging to the mansion.
  • Charles Roberts had an affair with maid Sofia while his wife Vivian was in the hospital and a son was born
  • Dorothy wanted a son, but Vivian couldn't conceive anymore after Trisha was born and so she wanted Vincent to be the new heir to the family
  • If you find a tape recorder somewhere and listen to it the game will end very soon. Maybe keep it for later?
  • Magdalene Roberts was killed by Vivian giving her medicine prepared by Dr. Jones
  • Trisha Roberts was killed by committing suicide by jumping from the hospital walls on 26.12.1995 after she learned that Scott had been killed
  • Vivian was killed by Father Matthew with an axe as you find out in the hidden room in the church and died of exsanguation. She had a 12cm x 7cm deep crack on the right side of her head. The typewriter in the hidden room also shows the same "e" as on the note given to the detective. He killed her because she did not show any guilt for what she did to Sofia.
  • Scott was killed by Derrick Tyler by multiple stabs to the heart on 15.11.1995
  • Steve Moss was killed by Father Matthew after making him believe that Bernard killed Vivian failed.
  • Andrew Reed was killed by a fire in his home and subsequent third-degree burns & pneumothorax but he had punctured lungs created by a switchblade or small knife. He died on 07.06.1995. He was killed by Father Matthew though he did not want to do that initially.
  • Henry Johnson was killed by exsanguation. He had a wide crack on the right side of the skull caused by a sharp object and strong force. As this is the same way Vivian was killed it suggests that Father Matthew also killed Dr. Jones with an axe which he confessed on tape in the church.
  • The death of Sofia was observed by Derrick Tyler
  • The wooden cross on the cemetery is for Sofia Miller, Scotts mother, which he made. The flowers in front of it were placed by Father Matthew making it obvious that he is still there when the reporter visits the town.
  • Can you die in this game? Yes, you can be killed. It's one of the multiple endings but after that you can try again to access the other endings.

The Complete Spoiler

You should only read this after you've completed the game and want to know everything. This is the newspaper article Janet Kelly (essentially you) wrote.

THE SUN CITY TRIBUNE - 13.08.1999 The Painscreek Killings: Truth Revealed: Matthew Brooks killed Vivian with axe (by Janet Kelly)

In 1995, Andrew Reed died in a fire, Henry Johnson drowned in a lake, and Vivian Roberts was murdered. Three separate deaths in a year. What no one expected was that their deaths were linked to the same incident that happened more than twenty years ago.

Widely known as 'the Painscreek Killings' the deaths of Andrew, Henry and Vivian were the work of one single person, who harbored resentment and took the law into his own hands. The killings happened between the months of May and June of 1995, as the killer approached the victims cautious manner. To lure them out, the killer sent out threat letters with the tag line 'I know what you did'. Out of fear, the victims...

It started way back in 1975, when ex-mayor Charles Roberts had an illicit affair with Sofia Miller, one of the house maid for the Roberts family. A boy was born. Unfortunately, Sofia was confronted and killed by Vivian. Andrew hid her body in the mansion well, and the baby was to die with her. However, Father Calvin has mercy saved the boy and placed him in an orphanage. His name was Scott. Ironically, it was his biological father, Charles Roberts, who eventually resulted in the death of his son.

In 1997, Charles hired Steven Moss, a private investigator, to uncover the truth about his wife's murder. His whereabouts, is currently unknown. He was staying in Painscreek, where he was close to identifying Vivians killer. Unfortunately, that was his last contact with Charles, which was two years ago. The police are currently searching for his whereabouts...

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